Humane Jobs

Working for Human and Animal Wellbeing

Students and Research Assistants

Brittany Campbell was a 2017-2019 Humane Jobs MA Fellow.  She assisted with research on animal protection work and policy, especially humane enforcement in the province of Manitoba.

Darren Chang has an MA in philosophy from Queen’s University and assisted with research on plant-based and vegan businesses and bylaws for exotic animals.

Curtis Morrison holds a BA in labour studies and political science from Brock University and has assisted with studies of animal protection policy, organizations, programs, and investment.

Bridget Nicholls was a 2017-2019 Humane Jobs MA Fellow who has worked as a research assistant for Dr. Coulter for more than five years.  Her MA explores the intersections of cruelty investigation work, law, and policy and she is now completing a PhD in sociology at the University of Windsor.

Victoria Readings was an MA student in Critical Sociology at Brock University and was the 2016-2017 Humane Jobs MA Fellow. Her thesis assesses alternatives to the spring bear hunt in Ontario that interweave intra- and interspecies solidarity with sustainable local economic development.

Richard Telfer has an MA in sociology from Western University and assists with quantitative data and research infrastructure.

Anelyse Weiler is a PhD student in sociology at the University of Toronto who assisted with research on agriculture, farming labour, and the future of ethical farming. She is now faculty at the University of Victoria.

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