Humane Jobs

Working for Human and Animal Wellbeing

Humane Jobs

Humane jobs are jobs that benefit both people and animals.

Some jobs are lousy for people and even worse for animals. There are compelling ethical and environmental reasons to move the workforce away from damaging patterns and towards more sustainable and positive practices and employment sectors. This involves the improvement of certain existing areas of work, as well as the creation of new humane jobs.

This online home for humane jobs thought and action builds on Professor Kendra Coulter’s  larger research project which is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Social Justice Research Institute.

The 2018 Ontario budget is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference for animals, and for the women and men who work to protect them. Read Professor Coulter’s co-written op-ed in the Toronto Star.

“Humane Jobs: A Political Economic Vision for Interspecies Solidarity and Human-Animal Wellbeing” is fully open-access in the journal Politics and Animals

Read Professor Coulter’s latest column in the Globe and Mail: “Caring for the animals who work for us”

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