Humane Jobs

Working for Human and Animal Wellbeing


Kendra Coulter Animals book coverKendra Coulter is an associate professor in the Centre for Labour Studies at Brock University, Canada.  She is a globally recognized path-making analyst of labour involving animals, and she developed and teaches the unique course Animals at Work.

An award-winning author and frequent media commentator, her latest book is  Animals, Work, and the Promise of Interspecies Solidarity.

Read Dr. Susanna Hedenborg’s review of the book here.

Dr. Coulter’s new article on animals and care work published in Studies in Social Justice can be read here.

Other publications are available here.

Dr. Coulter is now leading a project to conceptualize and promote the concept of humane jobs. This innovative multi-year study is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Students who would like to study animals, work, and humane jobs at the undergraduate or graduate level are encouraged to get in touch, as are other researchers, worker and/or animal advocates, policy makers, members of the media, and any other interested people.

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